David Pogue Interviews Shai Agassi

The New York Times tech/gadget guy David Pogue did a great video profile of Shai Agassi and his innovative electric car company Better Place, which is designed around a sort of pay-by-use cell phone model. Video below.Pogue's conclusion: "[Agassi's idea] is just crazy enough, it might work." So Pogue doesn't go out on any limbs predicting success or failure.I think the broad strokes of Agassi's plan sound great. The devil, in my opinion, will be in the details: How cheap can he make the cars? How convenient and accessible will the charging stations be? How expensive will the monthly contracts be?GOOD columnist Ben Jervey wrote about Better Place recently and concluded the next generation of plug-in hybrids were the more likely heir to the throne of the old gas engine.Via Boing Boing.