Dietary Supplements: Wednesday, February 9 Dietary Supplements: Wednesday, February 9

Dietary Supplements: Wednesday, February 9

by Nicola Twilley

February 11, 2011

Michelle Obama says the POTUS quit smoking a year ago. Not only that, she's taking her anti-obesity program global.

Speaking of globalization, why do the world's fattest people live on islands? Clue: It's not the piña coladas.

Correlation is not causation, but a 9-year study of 2,500 New Yorkers showed that people who drank diet soda every day also had a 61 percent higher chance of suffering a "vascular event," such as a heart attack or stroke.

Two food mysteries: Eggs contain less cholesterol than they did a decade ago, but no one knows why. And "Pine Mouth"—a bizarre and little-understood reaction to pine nuts that leaves victims with a nasty metallic taste in their mouths for weeks—is back.

To make up for all the health news, we're leaving you with a slice of geological cake, borrowed from a geology blog food carnival that also featured veggie pilaf in the shape of a debris flow, a baked model of the lunar surface, and detailed instructions on how to convert your breath into calcite.

Dietary Supplements is a daily roundup of what we're reading at GOOD Food HQ. Enjoy!

Image: Geological cake, created by Nissan, via the American Geophysical Union Blogosphere.

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Dietary Supplements: Wednesday, February 9