Editor's Choice Announced: Crowdsourced Cookbook, Fall Edition

Check out GOOD's favorite recipe from the Crowdsourced Cookbook, Fall Edition Project. Hint: It contains bacon.

Creamy and sweet with just enough crunchy bacon on top, Kerala Hise's Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup with Kale and Bacon was selected as the Editor's Choice from among all the wonderful recipes submitted for the Fall Edition of GOOD's Crowdsourced Cookbook. While vegetable bisques have become ubiquitous on autumnal menus, Kerala's recipe shakes things up a bit with the addition of kale and bacon (and according to my nutritional philosophy, the kale cancels out any negative health effects from the bacon).

Kerala will receive a complimentary subscription to Good Magazine for one year plus a GOOD T-shirt. Thanks again to everyone who submitted recipes, all of which are available for download in a beautifully designed digital cook book, the first installment of the four season tome. Happy eating!