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Facebook Broken While Users Tweet Frustration and Explanation While Facebook Was Broken Here's What People Tweeted About It

Facebook broke for over two hours, leaving legions of web surfers with nothing to do but tweet about it. Here are the best tweets from the outage.

Facebook broke for several hours today. Tech Crunch reports it has to do with a triple upgrade gone awry. Some users were able to see internal prototypes so the company took the whole site down as a precaution.

Most users saw a blank white page when they entered the Facebook URL. Others got various glitches depending on when they clicked. This appears to be the first tweet labeling Facebook as broken from @MeaganCarrine.

"new facebook is broken and always freezes, dislike."


Followed shortly by @baigrieDLSR:

"facebook's broken?"


Over 1,000 tweets with "Facebook" and "broken" have hit the working internet since—some cheering, some trying to explain the reasons, and most just complaining that Facebook is making too many changes when they don't need to fix what ain't (or wasn't) broke.

Here's a sampling.

@aleishaBENTLEY "@facebook how come you've broken down? do you know how much you have a role in my life, i'm crushed, please don't die."

@MissKarissaT "Go figure. My birthday is tomorrow and I need to make a party invite and facebook is BROKEN. THIS is why I hate facebook!"

@adm1nthony "going on twitter because #Facebook is failing. worldwide outages as they try to rollout new features on the new layout.#fail #broken #tips"

@daksmom "OMG Facebook is broken! What am I going to do??"

@pacerfanatic "i hate the new facebook ! what was wrong with the old one?dont fix whats not broken! geez"

@nonamegoat742 "Oh thats right Facebook is broken. No really, this is the great facebook crash of 2010. i clicked on it around 6 times. too bad."

@bz3hr "I think the Facebook is broken. Perhaps being associated with person of the year is too much pressure?"

@rationalwalk "Wow, I think Facebook's API is screwed up now as well. The "Like" links on my website no longer appear. And TweetDeck integration broken"

@turoczy "Little known fact: Facebook was built on top of delicious. That's why it's broken now."


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