Father and Son Create Tiny Dream House Out of ’90s School Bus

Follow the journey of one guy living in a schoolbus-turned-dream home as he travels around America.

In March of this year, a man who goes by the social media handle skoolielove (and otherwise identifies himself only by first name, Patrick) bought a big blue 1990s school bus that was previously owned by a church in Long Beach, California.

Image via Imgur user skoolielove

With his dad, he converted the bus into a modern home on wheels, complete with AC, storage, and a solar-powered roof.

Image via Imgur user skoolielove

On the ceiling of the bus, Patrick keeps track of all the states he’s visited. So far, he’s traveled more than 10,000 miles and visited 30 states and counting.

Images via imgur user skoolielove

Follow Patrick’s journey on Instagram @skoolielove.