Feast Your Eyes: This Edible Display Uses Dried Fruit as Pixels

Like a craisin Lite Brite, this prototype from the University of Tokyo might one day customize displays with flavors and colors to match your mood.


At the same Japanese interaction design festival where we found forks that make music with your food, there was also a prototype edible display. Resembling a Lite Brite made of yogurt and dried fruit, the device translates digital coordinates into an edible drawing by depositing craisins into a circular dish.

Tomoko Hashida of the University of Tokyo, one of the device's inventors, explained that at the moment, the prototype takes between three and five minutes to draw something as simple as the letter L. Nonetheless, she notes that "edible information is interesting because it has a direct effect on the senses of sight and taste," and that ultimately this kind of edible display might be able to sense "the user's physical and emotional state" and provide "flavors and colors to match." As she notes, it could also be a lot fun at parties!

Story via @PopSci.