Fix Your Stuff, Limit Your E-waste

Looking to revive that dusty Nintendo 64, but not quite sure how to do it? Treehugger has a post in praise of iFixit, a site that posts free, user-submited repair manuals for fixing your stuff.
Like a wikipedia-meets-instructables, iFixit is starting up a free repair manual that anyone can edit. People from across the globe can show others how to fix anything they own. The manual will include instructions that apply to a variety of devices, as well as instructions that apply to specific parts in specific products. They'll even include instructions about tools you'll use during repair.
To ensure the repair manuals are dependable, the site, which already has manuals for all Apple devices, has the entries vetted by users who've proven they're up to snuff in gadgetry repair. Given our vast accumulation of e-waste, how likely are you to salvage your old electronics with the help of the iFixit community?

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