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Fog Nets for Thirsty Peru Neighborhood Fog Nets for Thirsty Peru Neighborhood

Fog Nets for Thirsty Peru Neighborhood

by Andrew Price

November 14, 2009
A German NGO called Alimon has figured out a smart way of providing water to a neighborhood in Lima, Peru that's been struggling without plumbing.Noticing that the city gets a lot of fog, Alimon set up nets in the hills above the neighborhood that trap that moisture and funnel it into aqueducts and reservoirs where it can be used for drinking or farming. The large nets cost the equivalent of $800 and can yield as many as 60 liters in a night. Sounds like a net benefit to me. Ahem.You can check out Alimon's "green desert" project here, which includes some other innovations as well. National Geographic has some nice photos of the nets.
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Fog Nets for Thirsty Peru Neighborhood