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Food Studies: The Flax Egg and Other Vegan Baking Tricks Food Studies: The Flax Egg and Other Vegan Baking Tricks

Food Studies: The Flax Egg and Other Vegan Baking Tricks

by Michele Wolfson

April 18, 2011

I am very suspicious of people who say they don't really care for sweets.

One of my classmates and I were assigned to work on creating vegan banana cupcakes and since my buddy is a vegan, it was on me to be the sole taste tester of our partnership for the first six batches—let the tummy ache begin. Our final batch ended up being more delicious than the one we started with, which was loaded with white sugar and butter. We replaced those ingredients with maple crystals and coconut oil. Instead of using eggs, we used more banana puree. This step perfected our cupcake’s moisture and texture while giving it more of a banana taste that was otherwise dulled out by the dairy in the original recipe.

It is pretty exciting to be able to make almost any dessert vegan while maintaining—and even enhancing—all of the decadence and yummy taste that comes along with any regular version. While vegan desserts are still desserts and not health food, it is also nice to know that dessert can also be delicious when ingredients like whole wheat pastry flour, spelt flour, maple crystals, coconut milk, and even tofu are used.

I particularly recommend using this multi-step converting technique because it allows the baker to test one substitution at a time. If results at any given step are unsatisfactory, that step must be repeated again before proceeding. I would also advise to avoid using imitations and stick to real foods when using replacement ingredients. Greatness is not easily attained but well worth the effort. Bon appetit!

To be continued.

Michele is a student blogger for the Food Studies feature on GOOD's Food hub. If you enjoyed this, you should check out the rest of the Food Studies blogger gang here, including recent posts on farming as activismpapaya pollination, and food labels.

All photos courtesy of the author.

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Food Studies: The Flax Egg and Other Vegan Baking Tricks