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Foodies Unite: Get Cooking with a Grant from GOOD Maker

Join us and Eat for Equity to whip up a community dinner party to benefit great non-profits.

Farmers markets, seasonal flavors, local produce, home-prepared meals. These are just a few of the ingredients that make for a wholly delicious afternoon. Throw in some fellow feasters and you have the makings of a delectable communal experience. Mix in a dash of fundraising and you'll get Boston-based Eat for Equity, a group turning thoughtfully prepared and shared meals into a powerful fundraising tool and diners into a community of givers.

The group launched in 2006 with a giant pot of jambalaya that raised funds for a post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. Eat for Equity groups have hosted similar meals with culturally-themed fare throughout Boston, Minneapolis, and Portland ever since. This month, we’ve teamed up with them and we’re giving away $500 for you to prepare your own feast.

Starting June 1, the Share a GOOD Recipe Maker Challenge is accepting your recipes for cooking up a community meal using local ingredients. Want to prepare your favorite breakfast for your neighbors? Looking to create an entirely locally-sourced lunch with school kids? Have a hankering for baking bread with local seniors? From June 1 to June 29 noon Pacific Time, send us your recipe and plans. Then, get your community to vote for your idea from June 29 to July 20.

Bon appétit and may the best chef win!

Want to learn more about GOOD Maker? Drop us a line at maker[at]goodinc[dot]com, sign up for our email list, or check out the current challenges on GOOD Maker.

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