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GOOD 100: Meet Kate Atwood, Combatting Childhood Hunger in the U.S.


Kate Atwood is the executive director of the Arby's Foundation, the corporate philanthropy wing of Arby’s that raises funds and awareness to end childhood hunger in America. The foundation has made an effort to make the kids’ menu at Arby's healthier, as well as reaching out to other organizations to do the same elsewhere. Since 2011, the Arby’s Foundation has raised more than $5 million to end childhood hunger.
This summer, the Arby’s Foundation will launch a 30-city “Hungry for Happiness” tour alongside its national charity partner Share our Strength, and the No Kid Hungry Campaign. The campaign will call attention to the importance of free summer meal programs for kids who receive a free or reduced lunch during the school year.
“While over 21 million children in our nation receive a free or reduced lunch during the school year, under 3 million receive that same meal in the summer, when school is out,” Atwood says.
In January, the Arby’s Foundation, in conjunction with the Governor of Georgia, announced the 2013 launch of a large investment that will bring added resources to a concentrated area in an attempt to end childhood hunger there.


Atwood is also the founder of Kate’s Club, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that supports and empowers children and teens who have lost parents or siblings. The nonprofit will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, ushering in a slew of projects to commemorate the milestone, including events surrounding Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and honoring the stories of the Kate's Club community on an awareness blog.
“On the heels of the Newtown tragedy we feel positioned to be a very strong voice nationally for the need for continued support in our local communities around such tragic loss that affects families in all communities,” Atwood says. “Kids face a new day when a parent or sibling dies prematurely. Having lost my mom at the age of 12, I believe all families should have the support they need to make those days after loss as bright as possible.”

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