GOOD Ideas for Cites: Strengthening Local Businesses GOOD Ideas for Cites: Strengthening Local Businesses

GOOD Ideas for Cites: Strengthening Local Businesses

by Alissa Walker

March 8, 2012

A city's economic health relies on a vibrant community of invested business owners. But how do we encourage the establishment and growth of small, local businesses? As part of GOOD Ideas for Cities Portland, a team from ADX presented its idea for how to revitalize the business climate in Lents Town Center, an area in eastern Portland that hasn't seen the same level of economic growth as the downtown area. ADX was focused on finding great businesses in Lents when its team discovered Marshall High School, which had been closed years earlier. They propose using the school as a small business incubator for the community, where people can learn new skills, set up shop, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Challenge: Local businesses are hesitant to set up shop in some areas located outside of Portland's city center. How do we help nurture a stronger, more competitive business climate in Lents Town Center?

Portland Development Commission: Kevin Cronin, Senior Program Manager
 and Shawn Ulman, Public Affairs Manager

Team ADX: Building a Community of Thinkers and Makers: Kelley Roy, Greg Simons, Sean Barrow, Simon Yuen, Sarah Thilman, Tyesha Snow, Iain Thatcher, Max Miller

To learn more about this idea contact Kelley Roy at kelley[at]ADXportland[dot]com, visit The Marshall Project's Facebook page, or follow the Twitter hashtags #iwillbethere #imalreadythere

Video by Paul Searle

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GOOD Ideas for Cites: Strengthening Local Businesses