GOOD Is Looking for Spring Interns

Are you a student in Los Angeles? Do you want to make the world better, not worse? Are you looking for work that requires creativity, smarts, and archery skills (we just got a bow-and-arrow for the office)? Apply for a spring internship at GOOD. Lots of specifics after the jump. SPRING INTERNSHIPS We..

Are you a student in Los Angeles? Do you want to make the world better, not worse? Are you looking for work that requires creativity, smarts, and archery skills (we just got a bow-and-arrow for the office)? Apply for a spring internship at GOOD. Lots of specifics after the jump.SPRING INTERNSHIPSWe are currently looking for interns in the listed departments who can commit 12 to 20 hours per week, on average. Must be a current student enrolled in an accredited university.Please note to which department(s) you are applying. You may be considered for more than one department. Please send your cover letter and resume to jobs[at]goodinc[dot]com by March 30, 2009, with "Spring Internship" as the subject line.NON-PROFIT PARTNERSHIPS INTERNSHIPResponsibilities:- Assist with the management and growth of key relationships between GOOD and the non-profit sector across all media platforms- Assist with managing database of interested organizations- Research prospective member organizations- Seek out opportunities to engage existing and new non-profit partners in GOOD's media endeavors (events, print, video)- Propose social action campaigns around projects and other "calls to action"- Assist with company engagement in volunteer opportunities and other community relations- Track and encourage subscriptions with non-profit partnersBackground / Skills:- Interest or experience with non-profit organizations- Excellent verbal and written communication skills- Strong organizational skills- Creative thinking- Strong research skillsNEW MEDIA / BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT INTERNSHIPResponsibilities:- Research latest trends and developments in the digital space (websites, applications, video, social networks, advertising, etc.)- Assist in vetting and evaluating potential new media partnerships- Work with the product team to help coordinate and manage day-to-day tasks with our developers- Work closely with other internal teams to organize and communicate digital needs to broader new media team- Generate reports and presentations dealing with traffic, partnerships, video streams, and new developments- Working with video and editorial teams to ensure delivery of content to syndication partnersBackground/ Skills:- Analytical background- Excel and Powerpoint savvy- Ability to work with various stakeholders to gather information and merge together- Strong interest in online content, new media, digital distribution, and applications- Website and/or online video technical knowledge and experience preferableART INTERNSHIPResponsibilities:- Photographing and drawing for various projects- Assisting the art department with day-to-day tasks such as photo research, scanning artwork, returning portfolios and additional important office duties. Over time there will be opportunities to attend photo shoots, meetings with editors and company events.- Industry experience, exposure to new and exciting ideas, working relationships with creative and passionate people.Background/Skills:- Candidate must work well independently- Sharp eye for detail- Strong knowledge of Photoshop- Prior publishing experience is helpful but not required* Please submit your portfolio along with your resume and cover letterCOMMUNITY OUTREACH INTERNSHIPResponsibilities:- Research local partnership opportunities including business, universities, and non-profits- Promote events online and offline- Organize community participation, community outreach and related tasks- Assist with setup and breakdown of events- Encourage newsletter registration; engage with event guests about GOOD- Research and implement sustainable practicesSkills/ Background:- Self-directed- Excellent verbal and written communication- Creative and hands-on- Knowledgeable about the greater Los Angeles area- Proven ability to meet deadlines and juggle multiple projects in a fast paced environment.- Marketing or community organizing experience a plusBUSINESS INTERNSHIPResponsibilities:- Working closely with the executive assistant to the CEO, President, and VP of Sales- Mailings, filing, general admin support- Preparing marketing materials & media kits- Travel coordination for executives- Conduct & present background research on potential partners- Prepare materials for senior staff meetingsBackground/ Skills:- Ambitious, confident- Combination of business and creative interests- General office skills - filing, phones, Office XP- Ability to conduct research on the internet- Understanding of sensitive and confidential nature of position- Ability to prioritize tasks based on importance and deadlines- Educational concentrations in business management, communications, or marketing a plusMARKETING INTERNSHIPResponsibilities:- Update GOOD's various online profiles - YouTube/Facebook/Myspace, grow fans/friends/followers- Assist in blog outreach- Research online best practices and trends such as twitter, kyte, etcBackground/ Skills:- Interest or background in marketing / online marketing- Experience with social media- Word & Excel savvy- Relationships with bloggers preferredSALES INTERNSHIPResponsibilities:- Mailings to clients and agencies- Filing completed paperwork- Internal coordinating between team members and cross-function groups- Research on target brands and campaigns- Reporting and tracking of online campaigns- Execution of signed sales deals in print, online, and events- Identification and outreach to prospective clients that are a good brand fit- Management and organization of client management system (CRM)- Preparation and organization of sales materials for meetings and presentationsBackground/ Skills:- Organized- Ambitious self-starter- Can take direction well and anticipate needs- Creative- Proficient in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint- Experience with Creative Suite preferred- Ability to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities on an ongoing basisGRAPHIC DESIGN INTERNSHIPResponsibilities:- Assist in the conception and execution of projects across several mediums including, but not limited to: print, web, video, and environmental- Assist with posters, invites, banners, illustrations, and window displays- Phones, mailings, errands- Designing for company projects including the monthly internal newsletterBackground / Skills:- Strong design and typography skills- Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign with a basic knowledge of html- Preferred majors: Graphic Design and Advertising- Prior publishing experience is helpful but not required* Please submit your portfolio along with your resume and cover letterEDITORIAL INTERNSHIPResponsibilities:- Assist in reading, filtering, and responding to submissions as well as other emails and letters- Moderating comments on the GOOD website- Basic administrative duties – phones, mailings, errands- Filing, scanning, organizing important contracts and accounting documents- Editorial research, copy editing and fact checking for print and web- Finding places to promote/send GOOD pieces online- Uploading GOOD content to the siteBackground/ Skills:- Interest in current events, print and online media- Strong writing & copyediting skills- Photoshop and HTML experience- Blogging & CMS background useful- FinalCutPro versed a plus
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A study out of Belgium found that smart people are much less likely to be bigoted. The same study also found that people who are bigoted are more likely to overestimate their own intelligence.

A horrifying story out of Germany is a perfect example of this truth on full display: an anti-Semite was so dumb the was unable to open a door at the temple he tried to attack.

On Wednesday, October 9, congregants gathered at a synagogue in Humboldtstrasse, Germany for a Yom Kippur service, and an anti-Semite armed with explosives and carrying a rifle attempted to barge in through the door.

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via Andi-Graf / Pixabay

The old saying goes something like, "Possessions don't make you happy." A more dire version is, "What you own, ends up owning you."

Are these old adages true or just the empty words of ancient party-poopers challenging you not to buy an iPhone 11? According to a new study of 968 young adults by the University of Arizona, being materialistic only brings us misery.

The study examined how engaging in pro-environmental behaviors affects the well-being of millenials. The study found two ways in which they modify their behaviors to help the environment: they either reduce what they consume or purchase green items.

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One of the biggest obstacles to getting assault weapons banned in the United States is the amount of money they generate.

There were around 10 million guns manufactured in the U.S. in 2016 of which around 2 million were semiautomatic, assault-style weapons. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry's trade association, the U.S. industry's total economic impact in 2016 alone was $51 billion.

In 2016, the NRA gave over $50 million to buy support from lawmakers. When one considers the tens of millions of dollars spent on commerce and corruption, it's no wonder gun control advocates have an uphill battle.

That, of course, assumes that money can control just about anyone in the equation. However, there are a few brave souls who actually value human life over profit.

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via Reddit and NASA / Wikimedia Commons

Trees give us a unique glimpse into our past. An examination of tree rings can show us what the climate was like in a given year. Was it a wet winter? Were there hurricanes in the summer? Did a forest fire ravage the area?

An ancient tree in New Zealand is the first to provide evidence of the near reversal of the Earth's magnetic field over 41,000 years ago.

Over the past 83 million years there have been 183 magnetic pole reversals, a process that takes about 7,000 years to complete.

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The Planet
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The final episode of "The Sopranos" made a lot of people angry because it ends with mob boss Tony Soprano and his family eating at an ice cream parlor while "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey plays in the background … and then, suddenly, the screen turns black.

Some thought the ending was a dirty trick, while others saw it as a stroke of brilliance. A popular theory is that Tony gets shot, but doesn't know it because, as his brother-in-law Bobby Baccala said, "You probably don't even hear it when it happens, right?"

So the show gives us all an idea of what it's like to die. We're here and then we're not.

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