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GOOD Maker Challenge: Create Something Original From Your Old PC

What can you make out of an old PC? Show us what upcycling tech with DIY flair means to you to win VIZIO products and a subscription to GOOD Magazine.

This content is brought to you by VIZIO

In a given year, more than 157,300,000 computer products become part of our nation’s mounting pile of e-waste. But why toss out your old PC when you can dismantle, reuse, and upcycle its parts into something creative and original? If you have an old PC that would be otherwise headed to waste, this is your chance to shine.

GOOD Maker has teamed up with VIZIO to challenge you to add creativity, not trash, to this world. Deconstruct for GOOD wants to see what you can make out of an old PC. Have you ever wanted to take your old PC apart and make something else out of it? Do you ever dream of creating art out of hard drives and old motherboards? Show us your DIY skills —whether it’s creating an educational tool, promoting the arts, or simply crafting together an inspiring piece of work.

The winning idea will receive a brand-new Design Studio package that includes a VIZIO All-In-One PC, a VIZIO Thin + Light, and an annual subscription to GOOD Magazine. From July 10 to August 21, send us a photo or YouTube link that documents your creative process. The GOOD community will vote for the winning idea from August 22 to September 5. The winner will be announced on or before September 12.

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