GOOD's Inauguration Coverage GOOD's Inauguration Coverage

GOOD's Inauguration Coverage

January 22, 2009
Check back here for GOOD's continuing coverage of the inauguration of the 44th president of these United States.The Inauguration Index: A look at some of the numbers behind the celebration.Meet the Cabinet: A Zagat-inspired Primer: Meet the men and women who will be running the country, in the words of the nation's press corps.Microblogging Change: Live dispatches from the big event.Inauguration Quiz: How much do you know about the oath of office?Service Day Pictures: What GOOD readers did on their day on.Inaugurations around the Globe: How do they do it around the world?The Longest Speeches: What President has kept their people in the cold the longest? GOOD News: On Inaugural speeches and Bush's last day. FROM THE ARCHIVES What the President Will Inherit: An original GOOD Video on the challenges facing the 44th president.GOOD Sheet: The First 100 Days: A look at what 12 past presidents did during their first 100 days on office.The Obama Generation Takes the Helm: Jeffrey Sachs on how Obama's election marks a return to the idea of the common cause.In the Highlands, Hope: Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin explains why Guatemalan villagers are excited about the Obama presidency.
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GOOD's Inauguration Coverage