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This 79-Year-Old Grandma Just Pulled A Sick Burn On Trump

“Do they make a Priority Mail container in Size Tiny?”

It should go without saying that you don’t mess with a 79-year-old grandma. That’s just not cool But in the case of Elsie Hay Cook, you could also be setting yourself up for some serious clap back.

The retired schoolteacher from Texas has been knitting “pussy hats” for protesters heading to Washington, DC for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Cook, a lifelong knitter, was proud of her efforts and decided to share about it with a knitting group she’s part of on Facebook So, she posted a picture of her grandson wearing one of the hats to her knitting group, “Addicted to Knitting,” on Facbeook.

Unfortunately, she was subjected to a wave of negative comments about the photo, along with plenty of support.

“I brought this on myself, never dreaming anyone would pay any attention to my attempt at humor in a Facebook group for knitters,” Cook told Vocativ.

Rather than be brought down by the concern trolls, Grandma Cook decided to push back. She posted a hilarious photo of a very tiny pair of knitted gloves with the caption, “I just finished these gloves for the president-elect to wear for his inauguration. Do they make a Priority Mail container in Size Tiny?”

After being shared on Twitter by one of the women from Cook’s Facebook group, who simply wrote, “f*** him up Elsie,” the post went viral.

Because we’re all pretty conflicted about this new presidency but who doesn’t love a hilarious grandma with a heart of gold?

“I never dreamed I would have caused all this stink,” Cook admitted. “I simply could not resist.”

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