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Makers Of Gun-Focused Videos Have Found A Very Unlikely Platform After Their YouTube Ban

You’ll have to take a very NSFW path to access the channel’s banned videos.

Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017, YouTube took action by removing videos instructing how to install bump stocks, the gun modification used by the shooter to fire bullets faster.

Now, following the Parkland massacre, the video platform has increased the scope of its ban to include any videos promoting the sale of guns and accessories.

Unwilling to let their content go to waste in the absence of a more conventional platform, InRangeTV — a maker of both instructional and promotional firearm videos — has found a new, if only temporary, home for its controversial content.

The channel has set up shop on PornHub. For several very good reasons, we won’t be providing a link; but trust us, it’s there.

The video makers sent notice of their migration to their 2,300+ Twitter followers with this post:

One of the creators wrote a subsequent message explaining that he doesn’t think that YouTube has overstepped its bounds but is still wielding a dangerous amount of power in its censoring.

InRangeTV’s videos that weren’t deemed in violation of the YouTube ban remain on the site.

PornHub, understandably, doesn’t have any language in its terms of service specifically addressing the promotion or presence of guns in its videos, but to say that this new addition to the platform is off-brand is something of an understatement. The biggest issue at play here may not be that InRangeTV’s content features guns but rather that it’s not porn.

PornHub has thus far remained silent on the high-profile migration, so it's unclear if InRangeTV has now found its permanent new home or if it will be forced the meet the platform halfway by marrying its firearm-related content with something more, uh, appropriate for the PornHub brand.

If that’s the case, viewers will be in store for some very niche and specific content indeed.

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