Guy finds mysterious butthole in yard. The internet warns him to stop digging immediately.

by April Lavalle

December 14, 2018

When Imgur user rhysfcarter6 discovered that a mysterious butthole had opened up in his yard, he knew he had to investigate what was lying beneath.

Of course, digging up a random butthole does put you in danger of discovering a dead body or a cursed well or something, but it may also lead to something really cool like buried treasure or a time capsule. Would you risk it?


Rhysfcarter6 did.


On Wednesday, rhysfcarter6 uploaded several photos onto Imgur detailing his excavation of the butthole in his garden in England:

A butthole opened up in my garden and on closer inspection it is a brick chamber. It is around 6 feet deep currently and about 4 feet wide. The house was built in 1888 and is located in a small town in rural Suffolk, England. What is, or was, it for?

Upon further inspection, rhysfcarter 6 noticed that the butthole opened up into a brick chamber:


They started digging, and found a few things in the butthole—like this large stone stopper:


And this small metal button.


Soon, their entire yard was turned into dig site:


Any ideas of what this “chamber” is yet?


Well, this should give you a clue. A pipe going to the chamber from to the direction of the house was discovered in the bricks.


As were a few small, random items.


Well, it’s not exactly buried treasure, but I maintain that digging up an old cesspit is still better than digging up a dead body! So things could have been a lot “crappier,” so to speak.

Hey, is anyone thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? Someone must have swallowed a metal button back in the day!

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Guy finds mysterious butthole in yard. The internet warns him to stop digging immediately.