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Healthy Schools and Students Start With STEM Healthy Schools and Students Start With STEM

Healthy Schools and Students Start With STEM

by Sunaina Sondhi

December 6, 2013

I was educated from elementary school through high school through both Magnet and Vanguard programs in Houston Independent School District’s school system. After listening to This American Life’s recent podcast on housing, and how our access to a good education is in large part, if not all part determined by the neighborhoods in which we live, I reflected on how lucky I was to have two parents working for the school district who navigated opportunities for me beyond what I would have gotten at my zoned school.

The point being, I couldn’t help but get chills when I watched this video inspiring students to pursue science, technology, education and math (STEM) education courses where a student so poignantly says, “You don't really know something until you've done it hands on." How true it is.

Read more about the video here from a woman I admire for her efforts to move this type of education forward in all of our communities across California, and pass this on to any and every young’un you know.

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Healthy Schools and Students Start With STEM