Helmet of Justice: This Helmet Panopticon Records Accidents to Protect Riders

Ten of thousands of cyclists in the United States are hit by cars every year—and hundreds die. Sadly, it's not uncommon for drivers to leave the scene of an accident, and if someone on a bike is seriously injured, they may have no idea what happened. It's also difficult to prove who was at fault in a crash, if there aren't any outside witnesses. Chaotic Moon, a design firm, has a possible solution: the "Helmet of Justice," a helmet with cameras built-in to record what happens during an accident.


Chaotic Moon—known for their mobile apps and products like the Board of Awesomeness, a skateboard hooked up to a Kinect—got inspired to do something when one of their employees was injured in a bike accident. The helmet has seven cameras, recording in every direction from the rider. When an accelerometer inside the helmet detects a crash, it starts recording, and can keep going for up to two hours after the accident. The video files can be accessed via a USB drive.

In the future, Chaotic Moon hopes to add more features to the helmet; it could also record data to help someone keep track of rides as they train or exercise, or create panoramic images from a trip.

The cost of the helmet will be around $300.

Image courtesy of Chaotic Moon