Help Get More People on Bikes

Last week we told you about a very cool project named Yoxi (that's YO-see), where four teams are currently competing in a social innovation game. The challenge set before them? Create an initiative to increase the number of cyclists on the streets of urban areas. The four teams—!ola, schoolhousehello, Team One, and Urban Futurists—have each all been busy making short videos that sell their ideas to get more urban bikers on the road.

Now here's your chance to help them. Before Friday at midnight, visit the Yoxi site where you'll see two videos made by each team, each proposing a smart new idea to increase urban cycling. The ideas range from bike-sharing programs, to smarter awareness campaigns, to a bike-pooling plan, to a social-media game like a foursquare for bikers—and they're all really good, but only one idea can win. Rate your favorite, give feedback to the teams, and stay tuned to see which four ideas will advance to the next—and final—round.

Those of you who are in New York, where all the teams are currently based, might have a chance to help out even more: The teams often need bikers to interview or appear as extras in their videos, so watch the site for information about how you can get involved. You can also follow the teams' progress on Twitter at @YOXI_mothership

Be sure to check out the videos, get your votes in by Friday at midnight, and help push the best idea forward!