The 5 Best Responses To Hillary’s Sick Twitter Burn

Let’s all delete our accounts

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Hillary Clinton sent a tweet yesterday that fast became the most highly retweeted in her campaign’s history (400,000 and climbing). The tweet was a thoughtful musing on class disparity and disenfranchisement...just kidding, it was a sick Twitter burn.

One of Clinton’s young campaign aides—the tweet was not signed -H—dived into the meme muck for a trolling classic, that 2012 gem “Delete Your Account.” It was directed squarely at Trump; the internet, naturally, went bonkers.

There seem to be two main camps: people who don’t think she should wallow in the mud with Trump (especially given this week’s historic gravity), and people who are happy to see the campaign show some edge (albeit the level of edge your mom learned on Facebook).

Love it or hate it, a moment like this is primo for Twitter’s brightest to churn out their A-list material. Enjoy!

Bonus material: