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Ten Tweets That Perfectly Diagnose The Hillary Clinton Health Controversy

Where some saw weakness a lot of people found strength

via Flickr user (cc) U.S. Department of State

On Sunday morning, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had to leave a 9/11 memorial event because of complications stemming from a recent bout with pneumonia. Footage of Clinton leaving the event showed her stumbling while being helped into a car by security guards. This footage started a media firestorm after Clinton’s illness appeared to confirm Donald Trump’s recent assertions that she was hiding something about her health.

Immediately, many on the right clamored to say that Clinton’s diagnosis should disqualify her from the race. But pundits aren’t doctors or else they’d know pneumonia is a common health issue that affects up to ten million Americans each year and is easily cured with antibiotics. Plus, isn’t Clinton’s decision to continue campaigning while ill a sign of strength in the face of adversity?

According to New York Times Editor Jill Abramson, much of this criticism stems from sexist stereotypes. “I have to say Martha I think there’s an element of sexism in how this is being over covered at this point,” she told the BBC’s Martha Kearney today. “I think the idea of a woman as weak is a sexist stereotype. And I think the incident where she needs assistance to get into the van and there’s a video of that that’s been endlessly replayed, I think that feeds that stereotype.”

Here are ten people on Twitter who correctly diagnosed the Clinton health controversy:

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