How Nonchalant Has the Military Gotten About Its Death Machines? Very

For proof that military spending has gotten insanely lax, check out this outrageous contract solicitation, "Whatever it is."

If you need any further evidence that the military-industrial complex's $711 billion per year in spending is getting reckless, look no further than the Navy's contract solicitation number N00019-11-R-1234, otherwise know as "Whatever it is."

We don't know what good or service the Navy is actually attempting to procure here, as the "Synopsis" space says only: "Insert Description from a Word Document." But the Classification Code is 10, "Weapons," and its North American Industry Classification System codes include both "Transportation Equipment Manufacturing" and "Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing." In other words, this is how nonchalant our government has become about spending millions on bomb-carrying devices.

Adding insult to injury, at the bottom of the form, "Tucson" is spelled "Tuscon."

Update: They've removed the solicitation. But you can still see the unaltered screenshots above.