The Scientific Hangover Cure

No, it’s not the “hair of the dog.”

“To drink is to borrow from tomorrow’s happiness.” —Anonymous

The dreaded hangover. You want to get out of bed but you’re sick to your stomach, your head is pounding, and it feels like ice water is running through your veins. As you lay in bed you swear to yourself you’ll never have another drink again. Hangovers suck, and the older you get, the longer they last and the easier it is to get one.

There are many hangover cures people swear by: a large bowl of menudo, a cup of coffee the size of a swimming pool, or the “hair of the dog” that bit you (another drink). Sadly, all of these “cures” are just myths. But the video below offers some scientifically proven steps that’ll help you feel like a normal, functioning human being after one too many drinks. That way you can feel great while apologizing to your friends for what you did the night before.