How We're Using Music to Impact Underserved Communities

I am the director and owner of Heartsong Music. We teach music and movement classes to preschool-age through seven-year-old children and their caregivers.

I am the director and owner of Heartsong Music. We teach music and movement classes to preschool-age through seven-year-old children and their caregivers. We have more than 500 families at our studio each week. I have been in business for eight and a half years now and we are are at a stage where we want to reach out into the community and work with children who wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to take music together because of their financial situations.

Underserved children who are repeatedly exposed to a strong music education develop the foundation for a life long passion for making music. With our curriculum, the children not only grow music talent but also self-esteem.

The Heartsong Studio has also become a beautiful place for families to meet and build community in classes where 12 families sing and dance together with their young children. The Music Together In-School curriculum also allows children to grow in many other ways. A two-year study that was done in Bridgeport, Connecticut, showed an increase in cognitive, language, emotional, social, and physical development as compared to other classrooms that did not have the Music Together curriculum in their preschool classes.

We are joining together with two nonprofit organizations, The Arts and Fitness Program for Young Children (AFPYC) and The Center for Child Protection (The Center). Through a collaboration with AFPYC and The Center, we have an exciting opportunity to teach the Music Together curriculum to 300 children in nine low-income schools. These children would not be able to receive a quality music education without our financial support.

To fund this project, we’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign. We are at the tail end of this fundraiser to bring the Music Together curriculum to 300 children. Please help support us at Start Some Good. After August 30, you can donate at

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