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Hundreds in GOOD Community Have Volunteered to Restore Photos From Tornado

GOOD community, you are awesome. Since the devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma last week, over 300 of you have volunteered to help victims restore family photos damaged in the storm. In a disaster, after making sure the people around us are safe, photos are one of the first things many of us would grab as we leave our homes—though digital pictures might be common now, that just makes the older prints of our childhoods, and parents, and grandparents, that much more special.

The next step, before any Photoshop magic can occur, is cleaning up debris; the National Disaster Photo Rescue will collect damaged pictures, and then Operation Photo Rescue will manage the process of restoration. For those who have signed up, we'll be reaching out again later when everything is ready for restoration to begin.

Operation Photo Rescue says that they've been amazed by how many volunteers have come forward:

We're touched by the number of people who have offered to help. It's good to know how many people care. For us, this is really gratifying work—sometimes photos are beyond repair, but in other cases images that a family might think have been ruined forever can be restored with a few simple fixes, helping preserve someone's memories.


Haven't signed up yet? We can still connect you with Operation Photo Rescue—please note that you'll need to be extremely advanced in Photoshop, with plenty of experience doing color correction and replacing missing parts of a photo. If you have the skills, we'd love your help. Follow the link below.

Click here to add your name to the photo restoration volunteer list.

Photo via Flickr user deflam

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