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Illuminating Brooklyn's Sky in Solidarity With Boston Illuminating Brooklyn's Sky in Solidarity With Boston

Illuminating Brooklyn's Sky in Solidarity With Boston

by Grayson Earle

April 23, 2013

After the bombings in Boston yesterday, the security response was huge in New York. Manhattan was in lockdown, with police swarming everywhere, and people were told by the authorities to run and hide inside their homes. So we decided to stay in Brooklyn and project on one of it's most iconic and most loved buildings: the Brooklyn Academy of Music. BAM didn't know about it, and at first security was suspicious, but as soon as they saw the message, they embraced us with approval. Even police officers who drove by gave us a warm nod and beep. It was a sweet moment when we saw a plea for peace trump the rules.

The use of NY ❤ B (in the Red Sox typeface) was intentional as well. Much is made of the New York versus Boston rivalry, particularly in sports, but really in all facets of life. So we thought it would be powerful to take those symbols of sports and pop culture and remix them into a symbol of unity, because at the end of the day it's not about my city and your city; my state and your state; or my country and your country. For a world of peace, justice and equity, we must dissolve an isolating mentality and work together as custodians of our commons, the planet.


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Illuminating Brooklyn's Sky in Solidarity With Boston