Infographic: The Benefits of (a Couple) Beers

To inform your St. Patty's Day drinking, here's an infographic about the health benefits of raising a glass.

In light of all the drinking you may or may not be doing today, the design firm Belancio shows some of the benefits of moderate drinking with this infographic.

I'll add that many of the world's earliest beers were sometimes medicinal—and even today, the closest plant relative of one of beer's key ingredients, hops, is hemp. On the flip side, it's also worth pointing out that the world's drinkers drink the equivalent of about seven pints of Budweiser every day and a third of those are manufactured illegally. And researchers are still debating the merits of moderate drinking, especially its effects on mortality.

In other words, cheers (but only once or twice!)

Infographic: Belancio (via Cliff Kuang)