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Introducing the 2014 GOOD 100, by Gap CMO Seth Farbman

We all want to make a mark. That's why we are here: on the GOOD community and on the planet. There's nothing more human than a deep desire to...

We all want to make a mark. That's why we are here: on the GOOD community and on the planet. There's nothing more human than a deep desire to feel we matter and the belief that our brightest days are still ahead of us. And it only grows stronger, as the world grows more complicated. Many of us are driven-- and sometimes haunted-- by the need to do more. Be more. But with all our drive and earnestness, there is something else we need to do more: celebrate.

That’s why I'm honored to kick off this year’s GOOD 100 -- GOOD’s annual celebration of 100 individuals on the cutting edge of creative social impact.

The GOOD 100 is a remarkable and diverse group of people you should know. Not only to support their impactful work, but also as a challenge to think more creatively, act more deliberately, and in general, be better global citizens.

This isn't the first time GOOD and Gap have joined forces to celebrate people. As you may know, GOOD has supported work to advance women around the world through Gap Inc.’s P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement) program. For many years, we have provided education and training to more than 25,000 women who make our clothes. Last year, we made a film together profiling Sujatha, whose life improved through P.A.C.E. And you won't believe how the experience changed one GOOD member's life forever.

This year we’re doing even more to support women by creating a new Gap platform to inspire and celebrate people. One Stitch Closer-- launching on March 8th, International Women’s Day--will share the stories, ideas, accomplishments and challenges of women everywhere, who by living their lives as they were fully intended, make the world better for us all.

At the core of the program is a year-long series of short films by director Rachel Morrison. Amongst others, One Stitch Closer will feature a member of the 2013 GOOD 100, Veronika Scott. Veronika founded The Empowerment Plan, which hires women who were once homeless to create a special coat that helps save the lives of women who still are.

The first two films in the series are available here and here on GOOD. These are deeply personal and emotional journeys of discovery, and a reminder that women are the very fabric that holds the world together. One Stitch Closer is just another small step towards better, but like the GOOD 100, I hope you will find it worthy and share it with others.

It's how I'm trying to make my mark. Because there are so many beautiful voices to be heard. And every one matters.

The first GOOD 100 features are coming soon, presented with a dynamic online format that we’re all pretty excited about, too. (Don’t worry we’ll give a heads-up when they’re out).

GOOD is celebrating International Women’s Day with Gap by sharing stories of how women bring us one stitch closer to a brighter tomorrow. Watch & share Emawati’s story & Azure’s story. #WomenInspire

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