Activism That Actually Works

From safety pins to solidarity marches: A snapshot of what works and what’s a waste of time.

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Crash Course: How to Make a Phone Call

By Emily Ellsworth, Former congressional aide

In November, my tweets about how to effectively lobby your representatives went viral. In short: It’s best to call. But first, do your research. Call the rep who can actually do something about your federal, state, or local issue. Once you’re on the line, you might reach a staffer, like I used to be, or a voicemail inbox. Either way, try to make your point in about a minute. Kick it off like this: “Hi, my name is (first name). I’m a constituent from (name of city) in (your district). I’d like to voice my concern about (issue) because (your rationale) and hear (the representative’s) position on (topic).” Then, discuss why you care so much about this cause. Your personal story will ring truer than any script, and may be mentioned as an example to those in charge.