A Gay Couple Bought in 2008 and They’re Not Giving it Back

A couple of “high tech bears” from Oregon are using it to promote LGBTQ rights.

Charlie Rainwater and C.J. Phillips, a couple of “high tech bears” from Oregon, have been sitting on the domain since 2008. At the time, Rainwater and Phillips were disillusioned by LGBTQ rights in America, and decided to blog about it on their very own site. seemed like a great place to do it.

“Hi there, and welcome to the page,” reads the site today. “CJ and Charlie are two guys in a great relationship who are looking to inform our friends and family about some of the challenges we face being part of the LGBT community. This page is intended to prompt understanding, insight, and healthy dialogue in the ever changing landscape of civil rights and social justice. Now we just need to find some time!”

With Jeb Bush pursuing the presidency in earnest this year, the URL is sure to become a hot commodity. Bush is historically homophobic, though in recent years has been publicly softening his stance on LGBT issues. Could it have something to do with the White House? (Read: Durrr).

"We've had a couple of offers,” the couple told Business Week. “One person asked flat-out why a gay couple would have a candidate centric domain," he said, adding, "The latest was someone saying they wanted to buy the domain as a birthday present for a friend, awwww!"