Levi's Campaign to Help Braddock Rebuild (and Sell Jeans)

As part of their new marketing campaign, Levi's, a jean company you've probably heard of, is investing in the rebirth of a struggling former steel town in Pennsylvania called Braddock (which we've covered here and here and here). Levi's has helped to build a community center and urban garden in the town.

They've also teamed up with the Sundance Channel and IFC to create a series of videos on the town. For those of us who've read about Braddock but haven't visited, it's an affecting introduction to the town's actual sights, sounds, and people. The first episode provides an overview of the daunting situation.


Episode two focuses on Braddock's mayor, John Fetterman.


I'm not sure exactly how much money Levi's is giving to Braddock, and, predictably enough, some commenters are complaining that it's all just a marketing ploy. Well, of course it is. But it's way better than a marketing ploy that doesn't involve the construction of any community centers or gardens (e.g. every other marketing ploy). If Levi's had Habitat for Humanity's mission, this would be a discouraging effort. For a jean company, it's awesome.