After Trump’s Response To London Attacks, One Man Asks The Question Many Are Now Wondering

It’s a simple question, really

It’s been barely 24 hours since the heinous attacks in London, and already, President Trump is a Category 5 tweet storm. He managed to blast London mayor Sadiq Khan with an out-of-context quote:

He made a play for his administration’s travel ban:

And, most unbelievably of all, used a moment of tragedy to appear to give the NRA a boost.

How to explain this latest, boorish flare-up of questionable logic, particularly the strange, soft defense of guns vs. knives and a truck? One possible question—and its answer—came from an EU professor named Steve Peers, who tweeted:

Steve Peers’ big question

Judging by the retweets and likes, Peers is far from alone in wondering the same thing. If the professor’s armchair explanation proves true, and Trump’s behavior is the result of genetic engineering, perhaps researchers may find some sort of miracle treatment. Alas, that solution would likely involve “science.” Oh well, never mind.