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Mac People 80 Percent Likelier Than PC People to Be Vegetarian (and Other Mac-PC Differences)

A new poll says what many already expected: Mac users are "hipsters," while PC users are "suburban nerds."

People have known there are differences between Mac users and PC users at least since Mac built an entire ad campaign around the idea. Now, a new poll quantifies just what those differences actually are. The results might not surprise you.

Laid out in an infographic from Hunch and our friends at Column Five Media, the contrasts between self-identified "Mac people" and "PC people" are pretty much exactly what the Mac commercials would have you believe: Mac users are more progressive and fun, and PC users, of which there are many, many more, are more suburban.

A handful of statistics from the graphic:

  • 36 percent of PC people are liberal, while 58 percent of Mac people are liberal
  • 21 percent of PC people live in a rural area, while 52 percent of Mac people are in a city
  • Mac people are more likely to have college degrees
  • PC people prefer tuna fish sandwiches, but Mac people like the oh-so-trendy Vietnamese bánh mì
  • PC people like TV Guide; Mac people like Dwell\n
  • \n

There's lots more to be discovered at the poll itself, but the gist seems to be this: Mac people are stereotypically sophisticated while PC users are less so. The problem here is assuming that this difference exists because of what computers these people use. What would have made this graphic markedly more helpful is a question about the average income of a PC person vs. the average income of a Mac person. My guess is that that disparity would have been vast, and a better indicator of why Mac people like "bistro-type fries" more than their PC counterparts.

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