March Madness by the (Financial) Numbers March Madness by the (Financial) Numbers

March Madness by the (Financial) Numbers

by Siobhan O'Connor

March 23, 2010
If your bracket was ruined by the Kansas shocker this weekend, perhaps you'll be looking for something else to talk about at commercial breaks. Here's somewhere to start: an awesome infographic by Fast Company that looks at the financial impact of the NCAA finals, from website traffic spikes at related websites, to host-city revenue generation, to betting pool jackpots. The takeaway? There are lots of winners when March Madness rolls around.As Mac Montandon puts it:
Unlike the Super Bowl, which creates a windfall for a single city and a handful of prominent players, the college games spread the wealth all over the country. To wit: this fast-breaking graphic displaying how everyone from media behemoths like CBS to a little pub in Buffalo, NY, to you and me are making the most of the madness. Talk about passing the bucks!
Infographic by Rob Vargas for Fast Company.
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March Madness by the (Financial) Numbers