Microsoft to Seinfeld: Get Out! (Updated) Microsoft to Seinfeld: Get Out! (Updated)

Microsoft to Seinfeld: Get Out! (Updated)

by Patrick James

September 20, 2008
It's a sad day for the few of us who actually liked the Seinfeld-Gates Microsoft ad saga-which has finished running its much derided course. A new campaign, by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, will involve a John Hodgman clone (pictured)  and yada yada yada. To be fair, the idea to rejuvenate and reinvent a brand that hasn't been cool since the 1990s by pairing its erstwhile CEO with a relic of '90s comedy was a half-baked scheme at best. Here's one last look at the second ad:[
/youtube]UPDATE: The above was just a rumor. According to Gizmodo, there will be at least one more of these surreal ads.
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Geroge W. Bush has some advice for Donald Trump:
Microsoft to Seinfeld: Get Out! (Updated)