Mike Pence Sent Out Not One, But Two Pro-Israel Tweets With A Very Embarrassing And Obvious Error

A forgivable mistake for a high school kid, but not the Vice President of the United States...

It’s a new week, that means the Trump has a whole new social media snafu to deal with. On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence’s Twitter account sent out two missives about a speech he was to give in front of the Jewish Coalition. Assuring his online audience that the United States stands with Israel. To bolster his point, he included emojis of the Israeli flag in each tweet.

Or rather, he THOUGHT he included emojis of the Israeli flag in both tweets. What he really did was included Nicaragua’s flag in both. Because he’s better at spin control than international flags, he took down both tweets, but not before the Twittersphere memorialized the errors, as they are wont to do:

Here are his posts in their erroneous entirety:



Here’s the Nicaraguan flag:

And here’s Israel’s – you know, the one with the big-ass Star of David on it:

Sorry to get your hopes up, Nicaragua. You’ll get your shout-out one day. And when we give it, it will be intentional.