Military Police in Brazil Practice Zen Buddhism

This is interesting: In the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, a group of military police are going through training at a nearby Zen Buddhist temple. From PSFK:

They start their day practicing meditation, in silence, a radical shift from the traditional morning environment of police headquarters. After meditation, they carry on a number of activities, which range from the creation of ikebana flower arrangements, ceramics, tai chi chuan and even participating in a tea ceremony. The officers who have gone through the training say that they feel more prepared to deal with their duties in a non-violent way.


You can see a video of the police arranging flowers and hitting gongs and so forth here. It's easy for me to believe that Buddhist practices that train people to stay calm and focused, for example, would help police do a better job. And in general, I think we fail to appreciate how mental health affects one's working life (and vice versa).