NASA's Window Addition Makes for Spectacular Views

Landscapes of Earth's most treasured natural wonders have nothing on the breathtaking panoramas of, well, Earth that residents of NASA's Tranquility can now enjoy each night and day. According to Motherboard, a cupola with seven large windows was recently added to the international space station, giving astronauts aboard unparalleled views of the world. Motherboard reports:
The mission's lead space-station flight director, Bob Dempsey, described the first views during a pre-dawn briefing on the progress of the space shuttle Endeavour's 14-day mission to the International Space Station: "The astronauts, who are accustomed to views you and I can't really describe, were moved to tears when they looked outside the windows of the cupola for the first time.
The area will be used for exercise equipment, robotics, and other life support systems. Astronauts can also use the windows to better control the robotic arm of the station. But judging from the pictures, I think the area is a a top contender for best romantic spot to take a first date. A panoramic view of Earth from space? You have to start somewhere if you ever want to make it to astronaut sex.Photo courtesy of Motherboard