How You Can Lend Your Support to Nepal

You don’t need money to help out.

A devestating earthquake rocked Nepal over the weekend. Photo via Flickr user Domenico.

Organizations That Don’t Require Your Money

Image via Micromappers

Micromappers’ Clickers app allows anyone with access to the App Store to start tagging various forms of media with criteria such as severity, urgency, and types of required assistance. Micromappers then consolidates the filtered and tagged images into one map for more efficient relief and support. According to their website, more than 1200+ “Digital Jedis” have clicked through 30,000+ images and 7,000+ tweets, resulting in these vital maps. Clicking on a mark allows one to see the damage firsthand.

Check out Micromappers’ work here and here. Their Clickers app can be found on Apple’s App Store.

Family Links, managed by the International Red Cross, is a resource used to report found and missing persons in times of disaster. On their website, one can register as “I Am Alive” themselves, or search through the missing persons list to register people with whom they have made contact to update their status. An accurate headcount is a valuable tool for those in the heart of the earthquake.

Contribute to Family Links here.

Image via FamilyLinks

Organizations Helping Children

SOS Children’s Villages prioritizes urgent help for children and families affected by the earthquake. They primarily work to prevent family breakdown and protect children who have temporarily or permanently lost parental contact.

Donate to SOS Children’s Villages here.

Save The Children seeks to help vulnerable children and provide relief to families. The organization has worked in Nepal since 1976 and has programs across the country. Ten percent of donations are used to help prepare for the next emergency.

Donate to Save The Children here.

Image via Twitter user @TechieDoc

Specialized Organizations

The U.N. World Food Program works to provide food for hungry children and families, whose nutrition has fallen in priority to survival and assisting others. WFP reports that logistics and emergency response teams are operating from Kathmandu.

Donate to U.N. World Food Program here.

Handicap International uses donations and gifts to ensure that earthquake survivors with serious injuries such as complex fractures and injuries to the spine receive the treatment needed to prevent them from developing permanent disabilities in a timely manner. Often, rescue from being trapped under a collapsed building urgently requires follow-up medical attention.

Donate to Handicap International here.

International Medical Corps has operations out of the Ghorka District in Nepal, where the earthquake’s epicenter originated. A preeminent first responder to disasters, IMC is steadily getting relief out to the hardest-hit areas. They provide medicine, emergency care, and supplies to survivors and bring in the experience that they have gathered from responding to every natural disaster around the globe for the last 30 years.

Donate to International Medical Corps here.

Local Organizations

Shikshya Foundation is an organization that is local to Nepal, founded by designer Prabal Gurung, who was raised in Kathmandu. Their emergency earthquake relief fund goes toward support for search and rescue efforts, food and water, emergency shelters, and medical attention. Before the earthquake, Shikshya Foundation’s mission was to increase educational standards for children in Nepal.

Donate to their emergency fund here.

Image via Twitter user @IBTimes

Denominational Organizations

In Nepal, denominational organizations provide medical equipment, food, water, shelter, and sanitation to those in need.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization.

Donate to their relief fund here.

Samaritan’s Purse International Relief is an evangelical Christian organization with medical and aid teams being flown out to Nepal.

Donate to their relief fund here.

Catholic Relief Services brings the Catholic community together to cause change in international communities.

Donate to their relief fund here.

Making Donating Easier

Paypal has started a campaign that allows users to easily and efficiently donate to an organization of their choosing. One hundred percent of the donations go directly toward the charity. Included in the list of charities are many of the foundations previously mentioned, as well as bigger names that require less explanation such as American Red Cross, UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity, Doctors Without Borders, and The Salvation Army.

Choose your charity here.

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