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How Would You Make Our Food System More "Awesome"? New Foundation to "Further Food Awesomeness"

The newly launched Awesome Food wants to give you $1,000 to make our food system more awesome.


Our current food system is decidedly not awesome: it subsidizes food that makes us sick and makes it difficult to get a hold of anything fresh. But a micro-grant foundation, called Awesome Food, that launched last week is trying to make it better. Starting next month, it intends to give out $1,000 per month to “further food awesomeness in the universe.” If you get your application in by August 5, you could be the winner of the first round of money.

According to the website, the “no-strings attached grant” could fund a variety of projects—everything from “educating the public about DIY farming” to “creating an ad-hoc eatery in a subway car.”

“We’re not entirely sure what ideas we’ll get—that’s part of the fun of this!” said Jeff Potter, a food writer and foundation trustee. “But we’ll know awesomeness when we see it.”

Awesome Food is a chapter of the worldwide Awesome Foundation, a microgrant funder that launched in Boston two years ago and now includes chapters in cities around the world. (The food chapter is the first issue-based one). Awesome Food’s board of trustees includes an all-star set of foodies including Dan Barber of Blue Hill Farms in New York and food journalist Jennifer 8. Lee. They've set a high bar for awesomeness, so step up your game. According to Lee, they've already received a bunch of great applications.

Photo (cc) by Flickr user avlxyz


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