The First Ever Drone Film Festival Debuts in March

The New York City Drone Film Festival hopes its unmanned “flying tripod” camera work dazzles you

The New York City Drone Film Festival has announced its first ever lineup. Beginning on March 7 at the Directors Guild of America Theater in Manhattan, a roster of 35 films shot using drone and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in categories such as “Narrative,” “Landscape/Travel,” “Architecture,” and “Most Epic Dronie,” which is a selfie taken by a drone, will dazzle New York audiences.

“The festival wants to be a bridge between the public sphere, their understanding about these flying robots that people might be scared of and the art, which is amazing,” festival organizer Randy Scott SlavintoldThe New York Times. “It’s giving a tripod wings.”

Among the films being shown next month:

The future of drone filmmaking is bright. Last September, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that it would allow the use of drones on film sets. Watch more of the NYDFF’s picks at the Village Voice’s Runnin’ Scared.

Tickets are already sold out, but Dronestagram is currently running a giveaway. Additionally, organizers are considering hosting a second screening.