Four Vietnamese Girls Come Together To Give A Hilarious Response To A Racist Question

Before you ask...

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Nguyen is the most popular family name in Vietnam and is shared by nearly 40 percent of the population. The name took hold in Vietnam because over centuries it was either forced upon the public by dynastic powers or adopted by Vietnamese citizens voluntarily. In America, where the cultural subtext of the name isn’t widely known, many non-Vietnamese people incorrectly assume that if two people both have the last name Nguyen there’s a chance they’re related.

After 12 years of being asked if they are part of the same family, Alice Nguyen, Kim Nguyen, Theresa Nguyen, and Vivian Nguyen had enough. So they came together to make a final statement by aligning their senior quotes to say:


This isn’t the first time a team of Nguyens has joined forces to announce—once and for all—they aren’t related. Three years ago, an imgur post showed eight Nguyens coming together to make a similar statement:

“I know what you’re thinking and no, we’re not related.”

via Imgur

Now hopefully more people know that just because people are the same race and share the same last name, it doesn’t mean they’re related.