How To Celebrate “Not My President’s” Day

Protestors want to turn a holiday into a firestorm

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If it’s one thing President Trump has done in his short time in office, its change the way millions of Americans enjoy what was once leisure time. Weekends used to mean some brunch and a trip to the farmer’s market. Now, they’re for street protests and boycotts.It comes as no surprise that Trump resisters are recasting President’s Day, a holiday that has officially honored the birth of George Washington since 1885 (and gone on to reflect our appreciation of all POTUSes.) February 20, 2017 will be known to millions as “Not My President’s Day”—an anti-Trump series of protests loosely organized across the country.

\nWho’s behind it

Performance artist, Holly Hughes, took President Trump’s pledge to eliminate “bad hombres” and his calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” and combined them. A meme arose and fervor built around the concept of a day for protesting the president instead of celebrating him. Almost in unison, the “Not My President’s Day” group took to Facebook to spark their own protests and rallies. Now, the L.A. original has sparked similar events around the country.

Then, Lois Weaver, co-founder of Spiderwoman theater, joined Hughes to create the “Bad and Nasty” Facebook group, offering to be a conduit for coordinated DIY events all over the country. The group is up to 1700 members and counting, according to the Huffington Post.

As ideas go, other events either sprung up spontaneously or were inspired by “Bad and Nasty.” Coordinated happenings, from marches to boycotts, are happening throughout the month of February and beyond.

\nWhere you can go around the U.S

Bad and Nasty” and Facebook group “Not My President’s Day,” are having events in cities big and small. Here’s where you can catch your local protest, performance, march, and event.

\n“Not My President’s Day” Los Angeles, CA

Join protesters at City Hall in Los Angeles to protest Trump’s policies on just about everything. Parking is limited, so make sure you ride share or come by Metro. The “Not My President’s Day” group also got satellite events happening the cities below.

\n“Not My President’s Day” NYC, NY

In New York City you’re meeting at 61st and Central Park West.

\n“Not My President’s Day” Chicago, IL

In Chicago, you’re meeting at Wabash and Wacker on the south side of the Chicago river.

\n“Not My President’s Day” Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, you’re having a rally at the Walter F. Bennett Federal Building.

\n“Not My President’s Day” Washington D.C

Washington D.C needs to find their way to Dupont Circle.

\n“(Im)Peach Now! Not My President’s Day” Atlanta, GA

Atlanta’s meeting up at the Arts Center Station.

\n“Counter The Executive Orders - Not My President’s Day” Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, your event’s happening at Thomas Paine Plaza.

\n“Not My President’s Day” Austin, TX

Austin should find their way to the Texas State Capitol.

\n“Not My President’s Day” Denver, CO

Similarly, Denver will be meeting at the Colorado State Capitol.

This list continues to grow— check out the original page and see if a protest is springing up in your area. (Or hey, maybe create one.)

Bad and Nasty” events are taking place all over, as well. Check out their page to get an idea of how you can support the resistance.

\nBonus: Two more resist days to add to your calendar

\nMarch 8, 2017: “A Day Without Women”

Organizers for the Women’s March On Washington have a date for their second large-scale protest entitled “A Day Without Women.” The group initially talked about a general women’s strike but did not have a date locked in.

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"We saw what happened when millions of us stood together in January, and now we know that our army of love greatly outnumbers the army of fear, greed and hatred," the post says. "On March 8th, International Women's Day, let's unite again in our communities for A Day Without A Woman."

They’ll be giving out more information in the coming weeks.

April 15, 2017: “Tax Day Protest”

Tax day approacheth, and with it comes a march on Washington D.C to demand that Donald Trump releases his tax returns. Writer Frank Lesser proposed the idea of Facebook, and the sentiment quickly picked up speed.

Then, Patton Oswalt sent the tweet into viral territory.

Lesser, a former Colbert Report writer has organized under

That’s one silver lining, perhaps? Anticipating the reveal of someone else’s dubious tax returns may help you with the dread of confronting your own.

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