Not Your Grandma's Bounce House Not Your Grandma's Bounce House

Not Your Grandma's Bounce House

by Theo Schell-Lambert

July 13, 2010

McGeehan, along with co-founder Dave Schaeffer, developed the idea of an urban trampoline park a few years ago, after a class at a local acrobatics gym. Their goal was to give snowboarders and other aerial-oriented athletes a safe way to practice maneuvers (the space has an area called the “Training Ground” dedicated to this purpose). But they’ve also structured House of Air, which is set to open at the end of the summer, as a recreational and fitness end in its own right. Amateurs will be able to take classes or participate in “open jump time,” and the Colosseum has been designed for games like dodgeball and capture the flag. As for safety concerns? Think aeronautics: “Whether customers are in organized classes or using the trampolines on their own,” McGeehan says, “they will be monitored by [First Aid–trained] ‘Air Traffic Controllers.’”




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Not Your Grandma's Bounce House