Number One With A Bullet

What you've all been waiting for. The list of the 100 "most sustainable" companies. In the world. Not to be too nitpicky, but it seems as though even those who made the list are a little unclear as to what constitutes a sustainable company. That being said, we're very happy that ABB Limited is so sustainable when it makes its Swiss electrical equipment and we'll be steering as much business their way as possible.

This list is just one of the many things, large and small, that came out of the annually much-ballyhooed World Economic Forum meetings at Davos this year.

And, for more lists of companies that are not all bad, the EPA has a list of the companies that use the most green energy in the United States. We would bet that the there is a lot of cross over between people who love green energy and people who think the government, especially the armed services, are not the greatest people in the world. But, in an amazing bout of ideal shattering, the Air Force uses the most Green Energy in the country.