Obamatowns or Bushvilles? What to Call New Tent Cities?

The Times takes a tour of tent cities across the country, which are springing up at an alarming rate because people keep losing their houses. Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger opened up a fairgrounds in Sacramento so the homeless community that has started in the state's capital can move into a safer place. In Seattle, they call their tent city Nickelsville, after their mayor. But if this is a national problem, we're going to need a national name.We had Hoovervilles during the Great Depression. So, if we take the historical analogy to assume that Obama is FDR, then we should be calling these Bushvilles. I imagine many other people who don't feel the stimulus is working so well would find Obamatowns a more appropriate moniker. And then there are the people who might actually be responsible. Perhaps you'd like to set up your new tent in a Greenspancity, or a Paulsontown, or a Dick Fuldistan. Any ideas, what should we call these new tent cities?Photo by Jim Wilson / The New York Times