Overload: Nuclear Boy Has a Stomachache, and More

Goofy childrens' video about Fukushima, a run on radiation pills, and more of what we're reading at GOOD Environment HQ.


This admittedly silly video (subtitled from the original version here) actually does a pretty good job of explaining what's happening in the Fukushima reactors in language any kid could understand.

Wind farms in Japan not only survived the earthquake, but are being called upon now for extra power to help replace the nuclear load.

The process of decontamination after radiation exposure is "pretty easy," and "simpler than you may think."

Still, demand has spiked for potassium iodide, and the Union of Concerned Scientists has asked Americans to leave some for the Japanese who really need it.

Back in Fucknutsville, the House advances a bill out of committee that would vote away scientific reality and limit the EPA's ability to regulate greenhouse gases, and Senate Dems prepare to battle for the agency.

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