These Disappearing Packages Are Just Freakin’ Cool

Every company should try to trash their existing packaging for something like this.

For his master’s thesis project at the Pratt Institute, designer Aaron Mickelson decided to see if he could come up with solutions to the problem of all the waste produced by overly packaged commercial products. The results are super clever conceptual designs that prevent would-be trash from ever ending up in a landfill. Here's his idea applied to the Tide brand. To see more examples from this project, visit the website The Disappearing Package.

Reimagining Tide PODs

Existing Packaging: it’s a re-usable container that “totally worthless” when it’s empty (thus ending up in the trash)

Disapearing solution: Instead of free and loose PODs, Mickelson imagines them as stitched together on a perforated sheet (which also has the product details and brand info printed directed on it). Like soap dyes, all of the inks are water-soluble.

The Method: Just tear off a POD and throw into the wash. After it all dissolves, there’s simply no packaging left (and nothing to throw away).